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    I am going to be working on a version of the WordPress p2 theme which allows wordpress to act similar to twitter.

    It requires that users be logged in to see the post box on the page, enabling them to post.
    I have tried a few variations of new registration "roles" but they all link the new user into the admin section (which, I’d rather keep them out of…) I’d like it to redirect them back to the page, as a logged-in user.

    If possible, I’d like to skip plug-ins and do this manually.

    Also, is there anyway to theme the admin portion that a subscriber would see? Currently the page looks like the wordpress admin, but only allows "subscribers" to see the profile page. I’d like to integrate this to look more like my future site’s branding.

    Any help would be awesome, and I’m not anti-plug-in, I’d just like to not have to worry about people who may abandon updating plug-ins, or not update soon enough after a major release of WP is pushed out.

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