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    well, making progress with WP, however, when I create the static home page with a name of Home (with content) and a blog page called Blog (with no content) and assign Home page as the new home page and the blog page as the post page, I don’t seem to be able to get to my posts. Home page will display Home page material OK but trying to get to the posts through Blog just gives you the home page content. What do I need to do in WP to remedy this? Is there a parameter I need to turn on or set up something in functions.php or what? I don’t know how to get around this problem. Anyone have some advice?


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    It happens to me before, and I manage to solve it. But.. couldn’t really remember it though. I think maybe what I did is, by using the post_query. If I am not mistaken. ;)

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    Did you setup a dedicated page for the blog just as you did with the home page?

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    Are you physically calling your file “home.php” – because there is a hierarchy with WordPress files.

    It might not be relevant but just make sure you are playing by their rules

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    no, in my case, I did not create a home.php file, just a Home page with content and Blog page without content through the dashboard. still researching,


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    I always like to go the home.php route, but then you’ve got to figure out how to get a list of entries if you still want a “blog” page.

    If you setup a page for “Home” and a page for “Blog” and configured everything right in the settings (set the homepage as “Home” and the blog page as “Blog”) I believe it should all work.

    If you’re having problems getting posts to show, it has to have something to do with the template powering that page. Are you just using the regular page.php for that or a custom template?

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    right now, I have wiped out my test DB and am starting again.

    all I want to do is create a test theme with, maybe, 4 pages, Home, static home page, Blog, the post page, About, and Contact pages. All pages except for Blog are static pages (don’t change much) and Blog is the post page (always changing, depending on posts).

    I am on WP 3.0.1 and am using the theme Twentyten. I only have 2 pages at the moment, About and Contact, created in the Pages area on the dashboard.

    Will create new Home and Blog pages and see what happens?


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    I have created an online 4 page web site at

    it’s a start for me and I will use this as a building block, not sure why I don’t get the double home link, but if this works for now, it is a start.


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