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    Hi everyone. :)

    I’ve got some problems with WP. It’s about the design cus used Starkers Blank Theme so I could use my own design. Anyway, it works perfectly on all of pages except some few. When I’m on my index.php, the blog site (homepage), I have three options to read more from an article summary. 1) click on the name of the article, which works perfectly! 2) click on the read more link, which one would think took me to the same page as the name of the article, but it don’t. It takes me to another URL and so my design gets screwed up big time. 3) click on the comments link, which have the same prob as the read more link, but it’s not the same URL.

    So want I want is the read more and the comments link at the index.php file to take me to the single.php as the name of the article does. I hope some of you guys know the answer. :)

    And oh, the third problem is the contact page where I got a Wufoo form. When I fills it out and send a message with it the design of my page gets all crazy again. The same problem as those two above, but the URL doesn’t change here.

    So yeah, some strange problems I think. And my page is on Norwegian, but I’ll leave a link here just in case it would help you.

    Here’s some words to help you out on the page.
    Read more = Les mer – No Comments = Ingen kommentarer – Contact = Kontakt.

    Thanks for all help!


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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