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    Hello all, I am relatively new to WordPress so forgive me if this has been discussed a million times over. I haven’t found a straight forward answer on this.

    Regarding the custom permalink structure, I’m using “/%category%/%postname%/“. On the wordpress site the article regarding permalinks shows and example under “Choosing your permalink structure” using this format. Then just below that there is a section called “Structure Tags” that says using this structure is bad for performance reasons.

    My question is, what is the proper way to implement a structure exactly the way it is seen on this very website


    I believe its /%postname%/


    I’ve read, maybe from Yoast, that this is bad SEO, but I didn’t understand why. Anyone want to weigh in?

    For a really good comprehensive guide to WP permalinks, see


    I’ve read something to the effect that WordPress default permalinks cause too many duplicate pages to get indexed (I suppose small sites wouldn’t have that problem, though) and that having a too-deep link structure is also bad. I just read a night or two ago that anything more than is bad SEO.

    Edit: Okay, here, I found this very quickly from Google:

    They say to go with /%postname%/%post_id%/ and have a 301 redirect plugin to avoid the multiple URLs to same page issue.


    Thanks, that’s helpful. I’m inclined to say that if Chris does it for, and he’s no SEO slouch, it can’t be that bad! And to be mindful of duplicate postnames. But I’ll keep this in mind..

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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