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    First, a quick demonstration of what I need to achieve:

    It would work similarly to <?php previous_post(); ?> and <?php next_post(); ?>, but also include an actual “reel” indexing all entries in a specific taxonomy.

    Yes, I see the major flaw in this – in case of 100 entries the list would be !@#$long, however, the number of entries will be strictly monitored by a client.

    This solution is so far from optimal, that I can’t even see it, but it needs to be done, one way or another. Additionally, I’ve created a custom post type for this, displaying single images (being Featured Images) and their titles and it’s divided into four taxonomies. All four taxonomies need to be displayed on four separate “gallery” pages, so I can’t use a single template for that, unless I make a bigass if loop checking the taxonomy of the first entry displayed. sigh

    wp_list_pages(); could be helpful, but I can’t force it to display numbers instead of post titles, so…

    I have no idea how to tackle this, can anyone help me please?

    Big thanks in advance!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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