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    I’m having some trouble on what I thought would be straight forward. I created a wordpress sight that will have both pages and posts. I set a page as home when the site is loaded… now I’m not sure how to find where posts live.

    for example might load a home page. I want to also have blog functionality in the blog, but am unsure how to find where this lives.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT – I can find an individual post… just don’t know how to link in a page of posts. Thanks again.

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    Where you set the home page one, there is an option below that; it’s something like "What page do you want to display blog posts?" then you choose from the pages.

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    when dealing with wordpress, remember two words…Wordpress Codex. There is so much helpful information in there you wouldn’t even believe it. I think that is one of the reasons wordpress is so popular. I know the issue you are having though. I had this issue myself. It is kinda hard to do what you are wanting to do the first time. I don’t even really remember how I did it when I did this for my site. But read this article, this should get you there

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    May you rephrase your question ?

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