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    OK, I’m just starting to learn about WordPress. I have it setup and have loaded a template.
    The template shows your ‘pages’ in the Navigation bar, as typical, I suppose. So, I created a ‘page’ named Blog, so that there will be a link on the Navbar for it. But, I don’t really want that link on the Navbar to go to a ‘page’, but instead go to a ‘post’ page listing posts in a certain category that have been assigned to those posts.

    Does this make sense? I guess my question is:

    – How do I customize the URL link that the ‘Blog’ link in the navbar is using so that it goes to a listing of posts with the category ‘blog’?

    Or I am thinking about this wrong and I should be going about accomplishing this in a different way?




    You can set this in the settings under “Reading”. Or, you can use custom menus under “Appearance”


    If I create a new template for this page that I am going to link to, what command do I use on a page to list out the posts that are only under 1 certain category? Do I need to use the get_categories command?

    So, if I click on the “Blog” link in the navbar, it will take me to a page that shows only posts that are under the “blog” category. What command would I use for doing that?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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