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    Hello all,
    I am trying to customize a wordpress theme. In the theme, there is a link at the bottom of the home page that says, “read more articles”. I, of course would like this to link to all older blog posts. Or the archives. In the admin panel for the theme, there is a spot for this exact purpose, but I’m not understanding. It says “This will be the destination of the Read More button at the bottom of the homepage blog posts :)” It is a dropdown list of all types of pages that, the link can be directed to. None of the options work. I just get a 404. On their support forum, someone else asked about this as well and he was directed to change this:


    To the following static address:

    Ok, well that’s fine. I can understand that, but I don’t know what static page or address to direct it to? Is there some default folder that all old posts are kept in? So I can direct the link to go to that page or directory?


    usually people get that information from the address bar. Can you get to the archives another way? if so, you check the address and then you will know what to set it as.


    there is a widget in the admin area to show archives. activate it and use that


    You can make a custom template and use it on a new Page in WordPress. Just use the wp_get_archives template tag in the template wherever you want them all listed.


    Template Name: Archives Index

    /* some divs, ect. */

    /* closing divs, blah, blah */

    Make a new page using this template in the little drop down box on the right side under where you can select a parent, title it “Archives” and don’t add any body text. Ding! An archives page fresh out the oven.


    I have the same question. Did you figure it out, Preeminent?


    If you just want a list with posts, can’t you just use query_posts?

    If you want to use wp_get_archives, try using the following code:
    or maybe even try setting that echo parameter to 1, so: echo=1.

    When reading over the function reference here, you can use the echo paremeter to either display the output or return it. I’m not 100% sure about what either means, but one of them might be to display the actual posts, like you want.

    If it does not, I think you’re going to need to use query_posts.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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