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  • # June 28, 2013 at 2:20 am

    Basically, here’s my use case:

    The automatic upload thingy for the media library is very nice, but occasionally the cropping into smaller sizes is less than helpful, for instance if you need an image that’s exactly 200×200, and the original image is not tall enough to be 200px tall if it’s cropped to 200px wide. As of yet the way I’ve been forced to deal with that is to upload the image in question, crop the image sizes I need, take note of the names of the various thumbnails, rename my manual thumbnails and move them to the server. This is… less than optimal.

    I’ve been trying to google, but either I’m not using the right terms, or people just haven’t felt a need for this, which is why I turn to you to see if anyone have ideas or if I’m coding my own plugin on scratch to deal with it.

    Does anyone have ideas for plugins/tutorials/anything that would let me pick an uploaded image and then map the various image sizes to either pre-uploaded images, or allowing one to upload them. I think I have the inkling of a beginning of an idea, but this is one wheel I see no need to reinvent, if I don’t need to.

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