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    Hi All,
    I don’t know how many people here have worked with Chris Coyier’s tutorial on, but I use it so much for reference and sometimes I use the blank theme he gives there for a basis on my wordpress themes.

    With that said, I used the blank theme provided there to make a wordpress based site. I downloaded and successfully installed LayerSlider WP plugin( Everything works in the admin panel. The shortcode I pasted in my home.php was

    < ?php echo do_shortcode('[layerslider id="5"]'); ?>

    This shortcode works fine on the default TwentyEleven, TwentyTwelve and Starker’s naked theme. However, it doesn’t work on the blank theme from Chris’ blank theme from Can anyone tell me what piece(s) of code I’m missing or needs to be edited in which files to make this work?

    The space for the slider appears on the site however, the images, slides, controls, etc wont show up. Just shows the width and height there like a blank empty div.

    Thanks in advance!

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