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    Just wanted to bring this great little tidbit of knowledge / awesome plugin for WordPress to everyone’s attention.
    ( I, in no way, have any relation to this plugin or its developer, just using it and love it.)

    The plugin for WordPress is
    It’s completely free to use.

    You can add Paypal support for just $1.00, but you’re really just paying the developer to get some coffee as the Paypal script is a pretty simple one once I paid for it and looked at it.

    If you are looking to sign up with paypal, I would sign up as a business account (its free) and link a bank account (which you can now confirm instantly) and a credit or debit card (you have to do 2 types to transfer more than $500 at a time. Activating 2 methods lifts that restriction and makes it unlimited transfer amount at a time.)

    The invoices can be password protected for clients and even styled and rewritten very easily as it uses the wordpress codex.

    Now, you don’t have to do this, but I have also set up a developer multisite with wordpress so I can have all my clients in one backend. So now I can create their site and it becomes dev.(mysiteredacted).com/clientsite and their invoices can be viewed at dev.(mysiteredacted).com/clientsite/invoice/(randomstringofnumbersandletters)

    You can also have an email template and email the client an invoice right from the backend. (although the developer doesn’t do a good job at all at inline styling for the email template. I have done it in my template file and if you decide to use this, I can send you my email.php file to use.)

    This is a great, free service for any wordpress developer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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