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    I’m just about to redesign a website, and have been considering using WordPress as the CMS; largely due to Chris’ enthusiasm and Videocasts.

    The one thing which is causing me to pause is the fact that I am a complete WordPress novice which has given me the two big questions . . .

    Would I be able to easily install a custom built cart in a WordPress based site?

    How Search Engine friendly would a WordPress based website and Shop be? Any tips on making the products SE friendly for example?

    I see that there are some good out-of-the-box solutions out there for WordPress, but would prefer to build my own for the client’s specific needs. What problems and/or issues could I face using WordPress to provide the bones of the site?

    All tips greatly appreciated.

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    u can use this theme :

    and wordpress site is also searchable like others . don’t worry . some wordpress plugins can do something better.

    try this : u can find more plugins on :

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    Thanks Jitendra. I’m not really after a theme though. Just asking if there are any issues that I might face with the way a WordPress site is constructed (and structured) when it comes to adding a bespoke shopping cart facility? Are there any programming issues with WordPress as opposed to adding the programming to a regular (‘static’) site?

    Thanks again.

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    as i think no problem with wordpress because i’ve seen many e -commerce related stuff with wordpress.

    see these link :

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