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    Ok, this is gonna be a complicated one. These are my thoughts and if anyone can see what I’m doing wrong or has any advice, I’d very much appreciate it.

    Basically, I want to create a low-end custom video service, using After Effects and WordPress. The idea will be, using DataClay Templater (which can take json or google sheets data, and create videos with dynamic data sources), Zapier, and FTP; I can create these customized videos and provide a download link.

    I figure I can create a new order using a CPT and custom fields. That data will be sent or saved to a spreadsheet with all the dynamic fields. Every 15 mins, I will check the sheet and render these videos and the they will be uploaded to an FTP.

    The issue I’m having, is how to notify WordPress that a particular file is available, which will in turn update the CPT for the order, and provide the link to download.

    Any thoughts?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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