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    Hi guys.

    Ok im still feeling my way through wordpress so still be gentle, this is a hobby for me so i don’t spend hours every day doing this stuff. Im not expecting anyone to tell me how to do this, i just want to know if its possible and some pointers.

    I am building a site for a Bridalwear shop. The owner wants to be able to add photos and a description of different products by herself so she doesn’t need to pester me every 2 minutes.

    Now, ive figured out how i can display posts in a particular category on individual pages so for example i have setup wordpress to only show posts in the bridemaid category on the bridesmaid page. This works fine but its feels like a lot of clicks to get to where you want.

    The site ( currently has a menu across the top of the page which has ‘for him’ and a ‘for her’ link. What i would like to do is have these as drop down menu’s. They would intially drop down to show certain categories, so the ‘for him’ would drop down and show the ‘formal hire’ ‘evening wear’ ‘accessories’ and ‘kilts’ categories. Each category list item would then have maybe a popout showing each post in that category, so if you rollover ‘for him’ then rollover ‘kilts’ a list of all the kilts category posts will show. Then when you click on a post obviously that would take you to the actual post.

    Im sorry if i have made this sound more complicated than needs be, i hope you can make enough sense of it to help me.

    Thanks folks.


    PS the current live site is all html/css – the wordpress i am playing with is just on my testing server.

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