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    Hello everyone,
    I am working on a wordpress project and to make the CMS more organised, I am using custom post types.
    Main pages:
    1. Home
    2. Articles
    3. Products
    4. Resources
    5. Videos
    6. Contact

    1. Home and 6. Contact pages are just simple pages but except those two , Articles, products, Resources, Videos are like blog. Each page will have different blog template (All items/articles listed) and different Single page template (To show whole item/article).

    According to WP template hierarchy I though i could name different blog page template like Page-custm_post_type_name.php (page-article.php, page-videos.php) and they will work as my blog page and for single page like single-articles.php but it didn’t work for me.

    All the custom blog pages fall back to index.php even if the page-post_type_name.php is available. No idea what i am doing wrong.

    The solution above works good for pages but not for blog pages (list of articles).
    Thank you,


    If you look at WordPress Template Hierarchy for custom post type you’ll see it’s using archive-{post_type}.php.

    Also, don’t create custom post type for everything, that doesn’t make sense.

    • Home, should be a page
    • Articles, should be posts
    • Products, should be custom post type
    • Resources, should be a page
    • Videos, could be custom post type
    • Contact, should be a page

    You can also create specific templates for your pages.

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    Thank you @Alen. I created archive-{post-type}.php instead of page-{post-type}.php and it’s now working as I was looking for.

    Now all the custom posts i created have the blog page and i also created single page for them like so, single-{post-type}.php.

    Single page is working as expected for 3 custom post types but not for one and i am sure that i did exactly the same thing to create the single page for all of them.

    If the post name is product, blog page is archive-product.php and single page is single-product.php then from archive-product.php it should go to single-product.php by default, right? but its not happening here.

    Again, not sure whats going on.



    In the code for the custom post type do you have 'has_archive' => true?

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    There was nothing wrong with the code, it was just a url caching issue.

    I Had to reset the permalinks in WP dashboard -> settings -> permalinks
    1. Reset it to Default and save then,
    2. set it to whatever you want.

    For anyone who is this facing this issue.

    Thanks @Alen you were very helpful.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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