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    OK here’s the deal.

    I’m using wordpress to create a site for a client.
    The home page is pretty much all PHP and is all tucked away safely in the theme files.

    However at the bottom of the home page the client wants a ‘box’ to contain an image to the left and to the right they want a paragraph of text, then a link to another page on the site.
    All of this they will want to change on a monthly basis.

    Any HTML used will be very quickly broken and they will be straight on the phone.

    This will be the only text editable from the page editor, so I’m not worried about them messing up the rest of the page, but I’m looking for a way of doing this so that they can’t break the HTML used to display this box but that will be easy for them to update. They need to add their own image, write the text and add a link to a certain page of their choice.

    Is this the sort of thing that custom fields can be used for? I have no idea what custom fields are really used for so I don’t know…

    Is there a better option?

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Sounds like widget material to me!


    Yeah? How would you go about that?

    It will be difficult telling them how to use an image tag etc I think…


    You can have full WYSIWYG sections for WordPress widgets. Do a quick search and you’ll find a plethora of options.


    I had a look at a few, I’ve decided to just stick the content of the home page in a div, and styled everything with CSS so I don’t need to rely on the client remembering to align the image and not to mess up margins etc.

    Shame there isn’t a better way of doing this but this will do.

    Thanks for your help Doctor :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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