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    hi i am working on a new theme for a wordpress driven site. however i need to have the categories for news and blog completely seperated so that each page has its own posts, searches on the page only generate post that fall under the main categories or their children as well as a custom archive page for them that displays by month.

    I came across this plugin that gives me the ability to have separate archive pages for each category and through some modifications of wordpresses wp_get_archives function I was able to generate the navigation to get to said pages.

    How ever I am running into a snag when there are more than the maximum posts per page on the individual archive page, I need to be able to have them paginate.

    The plugin achives this functionality by rewriting the permalink structure to add in-categorie to the end for the specific category ur after. so the new structure for the permalink would look something like

    website-name/year/month/in-blog for the blog specific archive, but when I paginate the paging adds to the end of the permalink structure essentially breaking it.

    So I am looking for a work around on doing paging on the archive pages. I would also like to customize the look of each archive page as well if at all possible.

    Any suggestions on where and how to begin would be great. in you need to now any specifics post and I will get back to you ASAP.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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