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    Hey all,

    I have an scenario that I have not encountered yet and I was curious if anyone had tackled it or knew of a way to address it.

    There’s a web project I’ll be redesigning and the issue is that it’s a SUPER outdated version of ModX that’s running the main site, and then they have a separate blog set up in WordPress under the /blog/ URL. So for example, you’ll have

    They are now looking to just bring the whole thing into WordPress since they already know how to use it for the blogging capability and they want the redesign to just be incorporated into it.

    What happens to all the articles that are behind the “/blog/” url? Is there any way to maintain that part of the url for all future blog posts while the rest of the site is within just the standard pathway? Or is it better in the long run to just bring all the posts into the fold of the website and create some kind of htaccess redirect for anyone who has the old /blog/ urls?

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    You can expert all the blog posts, then import them into the new one.

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    You can keep the `/blog` prefix if you want so that all posts remain under that.

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    But can you keep the blog prefix for only blog posts? I haven’t tried to section off different areas like that.

    edit * Oh… I think I’m understanding now that the permalinks only apply to posts right? Leaving pages on the top level by default, but all posts would follow the permalink structure of /blog/%postname%/. Do I have that right?

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    If all that’s on the current WordPress installation is posts, just do a basic export to xml / wxr and import to the new “root” installation. You’ll have to play with the permalink settings a bit if you’d like to keep the /blog/.

    If there’s a bunch of widgets or random misc. pages as well, you’ll need to dump the DB and import that way.

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    Is the `/blog` root directory of WP install? or is it custom permalink structure?

    You might not be able to get rid of it. Unless you point Apache to it as public facing folder. Then create the `/blog/%postname%/` structure. For everything else you can create custom post type and rewrite the URL slug. You can use a plugin for custom post types or you can create one yourself. see my comment here:

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    And of course you could always export content, import it into clean WP install, then just use `.htaccess` to rewrite each `/blog/*` request to `/` but the problem is now you can’t have `/blog` as your API if the company actually has a blog… you could use a different name like `/journal` or `/out-blog`…

    hope that help,

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    @mcjohnst Yeah it’s JUST posts. To @AlenAbdula it is installed right on the /blog/ directory and functions out of there – it’s not a permalink manipulation from the root. So I’m going the other way – putting it in the root and then adjusting it to maintain the /blog/ link.

    Definitely helps – thanks guys!

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