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    I have a new project I may be getting involved with but I am a little worried about implementing it into WordPress and I was hoping to get some insight from you all on the idea.

    The client has 4 companies and want them to reside on one URL. I am not a huge fan of this idea but it is the direction they really want to go. They are loosely attached companies so the idea is to have each of the sections look similar but distinctly different dependent on which “company” you are viewing.

    What I think I would need is to have:
    4 CSS files dependent on where you are at.
    4 Sets of navigation again dependent on where you are at.

    Can someone set me on the right path for making this work.


    kMist Design


    It doesn’t necessarily have to be four different CSS files if they are all living in the same url.

    I would recommend taking a slightly different route, though. Instead of them all living in one URL, I would create subdomains for each division.

    Then the main website can simply be used as a portal to each division.


    I agree. You’re either looking at 4 sub domains, or 4 sub-folders. I’d would probably go with sub-domains unless there were extenuating circumstances



    I have not messed around with sub domains before.. would you need a separate installation of WP for each?

    btw thanks for the quick responses


    No, you don’t need separate installs. You can use a WP multisite which is basically 1 WP install, but you can create sub-domains and each one will act like it’s own WP installation.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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