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    Hoping someone can assist as I am new with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), particularly around with the repeater add-on

    I am creating a “Postage Pricing” table where this table will consist of 5 columns with 7 rows say.

    1st Column = "quantity"
    2nd Column = "strips - regular post"
    3rd Column = "strips - express post"
    4th Column = "roll - regular post"
    5th Column = "roll - express post"

    An example of one row, keeping in mind the 5 columns described above might be:

    150  |  $2.00  |  $7.50  |  $8.50  |  $11

    So based on this row, column values will be:

    1st Column = 150
    2nd Column = $2.00
    3rd Column = $7.50
    4th Column = $8.50
    5th Column = $11

    Using this row/column example, if the user selects the following options from three drop-down lists, i.e:

    1) Select Order Quantity = 150 
    2) Packaging Options = "strips"
    3) Postage Type = "express_post"

    Programmatically in the backend php, using ACF coding techniques, how would I go about retrieving the row/column value for this selection, in this case, cost returned would be $7.50 ?

    Pls note that the pricing for strips_express_post (the combination of packaging options and postage type) is assigned as one column within the ACF repeater table.

    Hope this makes sense.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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