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    Hey there!

    Can someone tell me what’s happening to my admin area in wordpress? I’m having this issue sometimes, a problem that I’ve never had, and in this project it’s the second time…

    Admin area with no CSS

    It’s strange… the first time that happened I identified that the problem began after having installed Advanced Custom Fields Plugin, problem that was resolved after I’ve updated it to the newest version. Now, it happened suddenly, every thing was just fine, I stopped working on the project for a week and than it was like this, without adding any plugin or whatever.

    Even stranger… there are some areas that are ok and others that are like that. The first time everything was ok with almost every area of the back office except the post edit area that appeared like that. Now it’s the oposite, this edit area appears great, and all other areas are like the image on top.

    Admin area OK


    Ok… now the edit post page is weird too… as if the CSS isn’t being downloaded… grr… wtf…


    Looks you’re over driving your browser. I think you should close down a few tabs and try again :)


    The first screenshot: Its a clear case that the load-styles.php file meaning the css isn’t loading.
    Switch to a different theme and see if you have the same problem and if you not you might have messed up while enquing your styles.


    Well… suddenly its ok again!! O.o And neither I closed down some tabs nor I changed themes! So weird… And I’m running it locally, so I can’t imagine it having problems with the loading of the stylesheet while other websites run ok online… maybe it’s just bugs from having too many tabs, it goes crazy sometimes, but because it doesn’t happen with other sites, I don’t think its that… :/


    I had the same exact problem a little while back. Gut your .htaccess file then try to run your admin panel.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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