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    Is set-up a home.php in my theme to display some specific “static” content, but I want to have a link in the menu called “blog” that links to the index.php to display additional posts.

    I tried making a “Custom Link” in Menus ( but it points to home.php also.

    I must be missing something simple…


    In this case, especially for cleanliness, I would create a page called “Blog” and then create a template file called “blog.php.” In that template file, put the loop that you desire for your posts. You could even just copy and paste the index.php contents into that template file. Then assign that template file to the page you called “Blog.”

    This way you know for sure which template is controlling the Blog posts and you can leave the index.php intact for other uses if need be.


    Luminated just described my exact process!


    I created a template file and named it blog.php. I based it on index.php and added a template name so it can be selected from selected from page attributes ยป template.

    Then I created a new page, named it blog and selected the blog template from the template menu.

    But, it doesn’t display posts. It just displays page name and content from the page.

    Should I just create a link in the menu directly to blog.php and not use wordpress to create the page?


    even simpler solution, create a custom link and in the url just type in a /

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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