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Woothemes problem

  • # October 16, 2012 at 5:22 am

    I’m very new to this web development having only just started building my first website.
    I am using wordpress as a platform and a woothemes, theme “sentient”.
    All has gone well until i attempted to change the main theme colour.
    changed from the default to another from the drop down list and most pages changed well all except the home page where the colour of the navigation menu remained default.
    Woothemes support have been slow to respond and in the meantime i’ve attempted this again and now the nav menu remains at default on all pages.
    I am certain that there is a simple explaination for what i should be doing but i am following all the tutorials i have watched or read to the letter and still can not resolve this problem.
    Can anybody help me please.
    Thank you

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