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    I am working on a new design and it gots a wood-texture-background. The thing I am thinking about now is how big will I make it? I know got 2000x1200px, I think with that size I got most of the users. But on jpeg40 it’s still 100kb. What do you think that is the max. ‘allowed’ size in kb’s? At home I got a fast dsl-connection, but there are a lot of people who don’t have a superfast-connection yet. So summarized: how big may the background-image be? And what should be the maximum-files-size of a entire page?

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    2000×12000 :o and there isnt anyway u can have it repeat?

    anyways for a background image I personnaly never go past the 20k limit.. Background images arent the only image u need to load.. It counts up rather nicely..

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    Actually it’s 2000×1200… 20k is not so much :( ;) Mine is now excactly 100k

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    I’ve been running a site with a wood-texture background for nearly 5 years, and I’ve done it with the same image the entire time. It’s a 78x102px jpeg that’s only 2.17KB, it repeats, and it’s seamless. Not sure why you’d have to do a 2000x1200px image, that’s kind of ridiculous and at 100K, it’s going to kill your load time.

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    Mmm… maybe I can try a repeating image, but I don’t like repeating images actually. I think it’s more realistic to have a larger image so it’s not all the same…

    Can you give a link of your site thinksojoe?

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    I haven’t updated in a while, and this is one of my older sites, so don’t mind the horrible design; but you can check it out at

    There’s also a couple of wood textures used on my other site,, but I have no idea where I got them from. I get where you’re coming from as far as not wanting the background to repeat, but it’s a background, most people probably wouldn’t notice the repeating.

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    100k is right on that edge of perhaps being a little too big. I’m of the opinion though that if it really makes the site, then just go for it. Just make sure that the background color behind it is approximately what the color of the wood is. Because if it takes 20 seconds for that wood to load on somebodys computer, it would be bad if there was some white-on-white text going on before that got loaded (or dark-on-dark or whatever). Best to match as close as you can and then once the image loads and pops in it is just a visual enhancement.

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    Thanks, I’ll think about it and maybe one of these days I’ll try to transform it to a less big repeatable image, but I think that could be a very hard job…

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    I’ve found a great tutorial for making a repeatable texture background:

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