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    Im not sure if this is the right place to post this but I can’t seem to get help anywhere.
    My site is run off WordPress using the Amax theme and my issue is with checking out through Woocommerce to PayPal.
    When I enter details then press ‘Proceed to PayPal’ I get an error at the top of my page saying ‘Internal Server Error’. It’s not a PayPal issue as that is set up correctly but as the error is so generic I have no idea where it is coming from or how to fix it.
    Does anyone have any advice?
    My site is

    Thanks in advance!


    Have you checked your server logs? I don’t think anyone can help you based on such a vague description.

    If you called a car mechanic and said, “my car is making noises, what’s wrong?” you wouldn’t get an answer either.



    Where is your site hosted? And did you contact support?

    It’s definity server related. Did you try restarting your server, increasing memory, check logs?

    What has changed since the last time everything was working? Do you have any backups?

    Give us as much info… even for the experianced in the crowd its hard to point you in any direction. But before anything quick email to hosting support, never know.

    Best of luck


    Very generally, it sounds like incorrect htaccess rewrite rules to me.


    Thanks for all of your help. Sorry if my question was vague, this is not my area of expertise and I’m still learning.
    I had contacted the hosting company and they’ve replied with this:
    ‘I can confirm that its not the server side issue as per below error it seems that one of function is incorrectly defined in the theme so I may recommend you to contact theme provider or plugin provider in order to resolve this issue.

    [20-Nov-2015 01:24:24 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function om_add_common_meta_boxes() in /home/theauthe/public_html/wp-content/themes/amax/functions/portfolio.php on line 275’

    I understand what that means (to some extent) but am not sure how to resolve the error. I had originally contacted the theme support and they said it was not a theme issue as AMAX does not manipulate WooCommerce code, but this error seems to be theme related so I’ll go back to them again.
    Sorry if I’ve wasted your time.



    I don’t think the fatal function call is causing this specific issue. After visiting your site and filling out the required info and proceeding to checkout, it seems that the AJAX request is being denied. Which makes me think this is WooCommerce/WordPress issue.

    If I visit

    I get the following JSON response

    {"result":"failure","messages":"<ul class=\"woocommerce-error\">\n\t\t\t<li>We were unable to process your order, please try again.<\/li>\n\t<\/ul>\n","refresh":"true","reload":"false"}

    Thanks for the response Alen.

    While waiting for help from WooCommerce I was playing around with a few things and thought I would see what happened when I deleted the line that was causing the error in portfolio.php on the checkout page: om_add_common_meta_boxes($arr, array(‘pagetitle’, ‘slider’, ‘header’), ‘ompf-portfolio-meta-box-‘);
    and this has seemed to resolve the problem as I can now get through to the PayPal page and nothing seems to be noticeably broken on the site. I know this is not the ideal way to solve some sort of code error but do you see any reason why this won’t be an ok solution?
    I’ve saved the original code in case I should revert back to it.

    Thanks again for your help!


    Awesome. @rebecca
    Weird to have that function call in your template but have the function undefined. I wonder if it’s part of some plugin that was previously installed. The fatal call to the function was stopping execution of PHP (part of HTML was missing) hence random internal server error on AJAX request.

    Glad you have it sorted out. If you have the original theme files try searching within and see if you can find it. Copy/paste it here and we can tale a look, see what its doing… but if checkout works and money is in the bank… i wouldn’t worry about commenting it out.


    I did install then remove a few plugins along the way so that may be it.
    I’m not sure what it could have been though, as I said I’m not so great at this (clearly). I don’t have the backups on my computer so can’t search through them easily, thanks for the offer though.
    Fingers crossed it all stays working well or WooCommerce have a better solution for me.
    Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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