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    i just found this bad news at … s-xp-exte/

    so do you keep support for ie6 ?


    In my day to day I try to support IE6, 70% is huge when you read that article, of businesses that use XP still…

    IE6 is just terrible (charles barkley voice)

    Having a sweet reset usually addresses a lot of the issues with IE6 understanding of CSS, but double left margin, and other quarks just erk me to no end.

    Death to IE6 in 2020. Let’s hope someone creates a helpful virus that wipes IE6 out completely from all XP computers in 2010 :)

    ~ Chris


    Well, at least they made the amendment that showed the 2020 date is incorrect, but it hasn’t been confirmed.

    What I do now is during my discovery phase, I ask specifically if they need IE6 support. I’ll make sure that the foundational template shows up fine in IE6, but I don’t support it beyond that unless the client specifically wants it.


    I Know it’s wrong but.. you get prompted so many times to update non stop so I choose to not develop for IE6
    i hate having a working site JUST to have to tweek it around for IE6.. so if you live in a world of IE6 UPDATE your SOFTWARE.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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