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    Can you tell me what is the best text editer for HTML , CSS , PHP in windows

    Thank you

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    Sublime Text 2 is probably the best IDE for coding. Has support for plugins & has loads of extensibility for different languages, totally worth the price. Though you can use it for free “unlimited trial” – I would seriously recommend buying it to support the developer.

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    I use to be a Dreamweaver fanatic because of how helpful the IDE is. But after using Sublime Text 2 I was hooked on it and bought it. I like it because of all the plugin support it has and I use it both on my Windows machine and my Linux box.

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    Sublime Text 2 hands down, I currently have my settings synced between my Macbook, my tower at home and my developer box at work all through Dropbox.

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    Sublime Text 2 and NotePad++ provide way more useful tools than any other editor on Windows if no mistake, but some people prefere lighter editors like SciTE for example.

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    I love [Notepad++](, which not only supports HTML, CSS and PHP, but also many other languages like JavaScript. Also supports FTP and SFTP integration.

    [Git]( and [Subversion]( support and be downloaded and installed as plugins.

    You can also download support for [LESS](, SASS, jQuery and many [other languages](

    Plus, it’s completely free and open-source!

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    komodo edit :)

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    Sublime text 2 – Most use

    Notepad++ – Quick editing

    Aptana Studio – Remote editing

    Netbeans – Handy for getting started with frameworks

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    I would like to recommend Codelobster

    This free HTML/PHP editor works by the best way for me.

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    Notepad++ is the best IMO. I’ve used it since day one. Syntax highlighting for a lot of languages, FTP support, Macro support and you can run it off of a USB should you want to. I keep a copy on a flash drive for editing stuff away from my regular computer.

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    Absolutely Sublime Text 2. Hands down.

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    Well if you are just getting into creating a site, and are not really a guru, then Aptana. You can start typing with b and it will give you a list. Then just hit tab.
    If you are a coder, then you really want Sublime Text 2.

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    permanently Sublime Text 2 it´s the better choice for you…

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