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    I always had this doubt in mind. why everyone in community always talk about older version of IE but not firefox,opera,etc? because i’m sure there is a considerable percentage of people using older versions of this browsers. possible reasons that i can think of are:

    – There is no proper testing tool for them.
    – It just doesn’t worth it.
    – They doesn’t have quirks as much as IE older versions, so no worries!

    What do you think?


    There certainly are testing tools for older browser versions.

    Browserstack for one.


    > I guess because IE users are the ones that don’t upgrade

    thanks for the link dillon. i had a sense of it, but i wanted to make sure that i’m on the same page with others.
    > But, no one is overlooking other old browsers. You do use CCS3 for example with graceful degradation for browsers that don’t support it in mind, right?

    What i meant wasn’t about support for new features of css3, but quirks and weirdness of older browsers like ie7 and ie6. and i guess according to usage stats, for small to medium projects it really doesn’t worth it.

    Thanks guys ;)

    Kitty Giraudel

    > because i’m sure there is a considerable percentage of people using older versions of this browsers.

    No, there isn’t.


    >No, there isn’t.

    Considerable proportion…No

    Considerable number…Yes.

    A lot of the large global corporates I have to deal with are still using IE7 and XP.

    Yes, they are slowly coming over too W7/8 and IE9+ but the budgetary requirements when you are dealing with tens or even hundreds of thousands of users/employees around the world are immense.

    Plus they have to deal with quite often insane IT Department requirements and practices to even get something as ubiquitous as IE and Windows **approved** for general use when updates are available.

    Eric Gregoire

    AFAIK non-IE browsers do a great job updating themselves very quietly by default. FF does it when you fire ;) it up and goes to the updater. If I recall correctly, Microsoft has been pretty inconsistent about their Windows Updates and ticking the box to update IE versions by default. So when updates are installed, they might miss the next version of IE. A lot of people like to skip or postpone Windows Updates altogether. I imagine Safari is kind of like that in a way on Mac or PC granted new versions have stopped rolling out for PC.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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