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    Can someone take a look at my site. when its loading in the very beginning, see how things jump around till the get in place at the top. Its the darn facebook page like thing.. I know its what is causing it because Ive removed it and it stops.. how to I get it to NOT do that. I really want it up there but dont like it doing that. An ideas?


    Are you sure it’s Facebook? It seems like it’s the Twitter follow button. Even if it isn’t, it seems kind of pointless to have that with a list of social buttons that include Twitter an inch below.


    yeah.. I know it seems kinda redundant but those things are so small and they are like.. instant like and follow.. where the others take you to the page THEN you’d have to like or follow. sounds lame but.. I think there is a better chance of you getting likes and follows maybe right at the moment people are at your site and appreciating it where they might not take the extra time or remember to go to your FB page and twitter to follow them..


    It may not be related but you have a heck of a lot of JS being loaded in the head of your page running one after the other.

    I would look into seeing if there is anything in there that is affecting page layout and, perhaps, either change the order or see if there is something you can do to amalgamate the scripts.

    Ditto for stylesheets.

    As an aside, I also see some inline styling on your ‘main’ div which will, of course, be interpreted after your CSS sheets.

    Kitty Giraudel

    Definitely caused by the Twitter button.


    Thanks! Ill look into the scripts.. oh.. I thought it was the FB one.. maybe ill see if I can rearrange some things to keep it from doing that.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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