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    Hi guys,

    I’m a student at University of Washington. I always wanted to start my own business, and here i’m doing it. Just got my web site out a 3 weeks ago, but I’m having huge trouble getting any traffic. My site does not even show up on google :?

    Is there something terribly wrong with it?
    I’m trying really hard, telling all my friend to visit my site, facebook and all.
    But I still get few hits a day.

    Do you guys have any suggestions? I have borrowed a lot from CSS tricks and tips, since i’m not a web developer myself.
    Here is my site, selling used laptops.

    Any help will be taken very seriously by me.

    # April 13, 2009 at 3:26 am

    Well, if you want people to stay at the site, you’ll want to give it a solid redesign. I actually thought the site was parked and I was just looking at some ads when I first opened it up. Then I realized that it was actually your site, not a good first impression!

    It’s not terribly efficient, but adding proper meta tags in your header may help (keywords, author, description, etc).

    The best way of getting up in Google rankings is having other sites link to you. If you, for example, had your website featured on the front page of CNN, you’d hit #1 in google for your keyword search within a day or two (depending on the spiders).

    Content is key. Copy writing is no easy task, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Think of what you believe users will be searching in order to find a service like yours. Make sure to use those keywords in your copy, but make sure not to sound too repetitive; it’s a balancing act.

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    dude – how many threads do you have! lol

    Im locking this one and you can use the other 2 open :) – follow links below:

    Design problems: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2181
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