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    I am trying to figure out why this small, floated div (was going to hold a flash slideshow) on the left in the first paragraph shifts the line-height of the paragraph down and creates a gap? I’ve tried numerous things to try to remedy it and nothing works – I’m stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Many of you have expressed the wish to know more about Sri Daya Mata, president and sanghamata(Mother of the Society) of SRF/YSS. We often receive inquiries as to:


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    is she? Does she make public appearances or conduct classes that I might attend? Where does she spend her time, and what do her activities consist of?”

    We are happy to share with you a few glimpses into her daily routine, as well as some news of her recent activities.

    When Self-Realization Fellowship members are initiated into Kriya Yoga they become disciples of the line of SRF gurus.

    Mata is a devotee of God and a monastic, whose life is wholly given to serving God and humanity through her Guru’s teachings.

    Through the years, her daily life has followed the spiritual routine established by Paramahansa Yogananda for all the monastic disciples: regular daily meditation, service, recreational exercise and spiritual study. People often ask her how she lives abalanced life, given her enormous responsibilities.

    Invariably her reply is: “I am able to carry on all these duties not in spite of our spiritualroutine, but because of it. That is where my strength, inspiration, and guidance come from — meditation in the morning, noon, and evening; and keeping my mind constantly focused on God in between meditations, as Paramahansaji taught us.” And she always reminds us that if she is able to do this, so are we — and thus reap the benefits of our spiritual efforts while living our active lives, finding joy and fulfillment even in the midst of a demanding schedule.

    Sri Daya Mata’s Daily Schedule

    As was Guruji’s custom, her day begins and ends with meditation—in the morning in her private quarters and in the evening in our Guru’s shrine. Here she deeply prays for the healing and well-being of those who have requested spiritual help through Self-Realization Fellowship,and for world peace. Before assuming her daily duties, she reads and reflects upon a thought from Paramahansaji’s writings, carrying into her day some spiritual principle to put into practice. In such simple, practical ways, she has made the truths he taught the motivating force in her life.

    Though it has been nearly seventy years since she first dedicated her life to God in Paramahansaji’s ashrams, her schedule continues to include many hours of active service for her Guru’s work. She has always preferred the word "service" to "work," and her life is a testimony to Paramahansaji’s statement that love is the greatest stimulant to the will. Daya Mataji works directly with a number of monks and nuns who serve as her assistants and secretaries, who can attest to her keen concentration and tremendous ability to accomplish whatever needs to be done. She has been known to give dictation to more than one assistant on different topics, in between handling telephone calls on completely separate subjects while waiting for her secretaries to catch up!

    Other Organizational Duties

    In addition to the vast number of organizational responsibilities she handles in connection with Master’s growing worldwideundefinede work, Sri Daya Mata spends a significant amount of time working on the many vital projects entrusted to her by Paramahansaji and the Board ofDirectors, including transcribing the thousands of pages of shorthand notes she had taken during his lectures, classes, and informal talks for more than 20 years. Just as the Guru himself spent the latter years of his life in semi-seclusion at Encinitas and later at an SRF ashram in the Mojave Desert, beginning in the late 1960’s Daya Mataji was encouraged to make use of a property SRF had acquired, to enable her to have periods of uninterrupted seclusion in which to concentrate exclusively on those essential projects. (Two years ago SRF purchased a secondresidential building adjacent to it, as there was a need to house nuns who could assist Daya Mata with her projects and other work.) The Mother Center at Mt. Washington has always been “home” to her, from the time that she first entered the ashram as a young girl (except for a period she spent in Encinitas during 1937 to 1948 when Paramahansaji was there working on his Autobiography and The Second Coming of Christ), and Mt. Washington remains her primary residence to this day.

    The many projects Sri Daya Mata is presently working on include:
    • Compiling the guidance Paramahansa Yogananda gave her regarding the future development of his work.
    • Working with Mrinalini Mata, the SRF editor-in-chief, in preparing for publication Paramahansaji’s voluminous (and eagerly awaited!) commentaries on the New Testament, as well as his collected
      talks, essays, poems, and inspirational prose writings.
    • Writing her detailed memoirs of the twenty years she was blessed to be with the great guru.

    She considers no aspect of her service more important than her participation in the SRF Prayer Council, deeply meditating and sending healing blessings to all who have requested help. And in addition to her individual correspondence with devotees who write to her forspiritual guidance, she keeps in touch with all members of Self-Realization Fellowship through her seasonal letters of spiritual guidance and inspiration, as well as through her articles in each issue of Self-Realization magazine. Though she herself does not use a computer or access the Internet, she tells us she is looking forward to contributing regularly to the communications on this web site, as a further link with the worldwide spiritual family she lives to serve.

    During her younger years, Daya Mataji traveled much throughout the world in order to spread Gurudeva’s teachings. In more recent years she has not been able to visit distant countries or cities, but working with the Board of Directors, she continues to oversee all vital decisions and matters involved in guiding Guruji’s worldwide mission according to his ideals. Through her prayers and correspondence, she maintains a loving concern for each devotee who is following this path, fulfilling the words Gurudeva once wrote to her, “inspire all with your spiritual motherliness.”

    Ever since Paramahansaji’s birth centennial in 1993, we have seen a tremendous growth inboth awareness of and interest in his teachings. This has resulted in a corresponding growth in the SRF work, which many of you are noticing. In closing for now, Daya Mataji wouldlike to leave you with these thoughts regarding this new phase in our ongoing development:

    “We must always remember the point behind our service, behind our entire lives — thereason we came on this path and follow our Guru: to find God. When we put that first, we will find the blessing in every experience, every challenge.

    “The true strength of Self-Realization Fellowship — its ability to grow and adapt and serve in the new millennium — lies in the effort of each of us to live in the spirit of Guruji. And of course, for me that means one thing — the immortal words he spoke to me just before his passing: ‘When I am gone, only love can take my place. Be so drunk with the love of God night and day that you won’t know anything but God; and give that love to all.’ “

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    By default, the paragraph tag add some margin to the block. Zero out the margin for the p tag and then work from there to get the effect you want.

    p { margin: 0; }
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