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    i like living on the bleeding edge. I use css preprocessors, I update to the latest and greatest softwares. I use everything new.

    there is just one thing i dont understand…. frameworks…

    bootstrap, foundation….. what the heck do these things do that is so special?

    I have my own grid system which is…really easy and stupid that i must not understand the whole grid conundrum…

    my grid is made by floating all columns left. using box-sizing set to border box, and setting paddings in a special way allowing me to have nested columns and what not…

    this is all done in about 50 lines of code…. so what is bootstrap and why do people use it? what am i missing out on?


    I have my own grid system

    Grid is noting more than a way to organize information in a logical sense so it is easily absorbed by the viewer. Your content should decide if the site needs the grid or not. Don’t automatically think “I need a grid in this project”!

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    why css framewroks?

    Frameworks are nothing more than opinionated set of helpers so you could code faster, it is there to make your life as designer/developer easier.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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