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    Looks like the free unmanaged VPS I’ve been enjoying for a while will be put to an end…


    Had a good run though, pretty much without a hitch so I can’t complain. Unique IP was granted for that time and what not…
    So I was thinking of getting some on the cheap server (< $10) space from their parent company :

    Host1Plus VPS page

    Specs I had in mind (no power house but it would actually be an upgrade and I’m fine with the current situation) :

    • 1 core
    • 1024 RAM
    • 40GB space
    • 1000GB ‘bandwidth’
    • 1 IP
    • 0 backup

    On a Frankfurt server…

    Seems to be the best balance between getting a nice package and price. Anything that would be worthwhile adding or changing maybe? Or other recommendations for hosting possibly? Thanks in advance.


    I use Digital Ocean along with Hover for domain management/email. Two are match made in heaven. :)


    Thanks, I’ll have a look at them. Did come across DO when I searched CSS-tricks for any relevant topics. Been doing the domain thing at Namecheap so far, which I’m quite happy about. Their name servers seem to be set up nicely. Hadn’t troubled myself with adding mail yet but I think I will this time around. Thanks again.


    I went with the above mentioned setup after all, not bad for a little less than $6 a month. Could have gotten another terabyte of traffic for an additional $0.75 but it’s unlikely the first one will get consumed anyway. Didn’t see the need for another IP or upgrading any of the other specs. Chose a minimal server install so a bit of work ahead to get it up and running.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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