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    So im finally starting to work on a portfolio site for myself and i have two that are similar and different, one the text wraps and the other doesnt. Let me know which one yall think is better. I like them both and could see problems for both as well as advantages.

    Non-wrapping text:

    Wrapping text:


    Unless you are going to have that left sidebar scroll with the page, I would do the wrapping text. Though it would be nice to see that layout with the sidebar scrolling down the screen as you scroll down the screen. :)


    I like the fact that you have a very ultra-clean layout! It’s simple and easy enough to read. The only thing I would suggest is to break up some of those paragraphs–if indeed you plan to have that much content? That’s a HUGE amount of text to read…research has been done on the amount of content people read, and people tend to have smaller attention spans when it comes to content on the web.

    One last thing…if you have some art work to display, I’d put that on the top before the content–that way you have some visual hierarchy. Photos or samples will draw their attention first.

    Great beginning!



    @DudeThatsErin, i was thinking about going down that route. I think i will make a couple different versions to test.

    , thats part two, i like the wrapping text but im sure that i wont have THAT much content, and i want to stay consistant with the page flow because some pages wont have alot. Good points about the amount of content. Thanks for the compliment.

    Thanks guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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