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    I am trying to fiend a way to store some contact information as global fiels; like email and phone number, and then display them in the header as well as on the contact page. This way the client can change this information when ever they like.

    I am looking for something like this but this is not working for me. the the_field(‘name’) is not working at all; I read all the documentation and cant get it working.

    I also found this which works great in terms of development, but it does not seem to allow editing the values of the custom fields which makes it kind of pointless

    few days a go I tried this and ended up getting a blank page every time I saved a post or a page (which would frustrate the client)

    Is there any other alternative to getting some global fields so that the client does not have mess with the code

    Thanks so much

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    Personally I’m a big fan of Just Custom Fields.

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    I use Advanced Custom Fields exclusively, I even bought all of the add ons. I absolutely love it.

    The trick with global fields in ACF is to use an [options page]( “options page”) then call it to the theme by using the_field(‘field_name’, ‘options’);

    If you’re using fields in a post or page, you’ll have to make sure that you use the function in the loop, or you have to tell it what post/page to pull from: the_field(‘field_name’, $post_ID);

    Hope that helps :)

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