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    Class names don’t have to be semantic although you make a reasonable point.

    I do have one question…if you have a class of .group that has its width set in a media query, do you have another class of .group-2 for another group with a different width?

    Perhaps I’m not getting it.

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    > @dfogge – Definitely on the money – instead of a lengthy and complex grid for our new site, I simply created an uber simple framework;

    Lovely code Andy, really. But as long as it involves figures like `22.105%`, `48.05%` and `30.73%` I’m not sure we can still talk about an “uber simple” thing.

    # April 8, 2013 at 4:29 pm

    @paulie_d: Here’s a very quick and messy example of what I was talking about. Of course, it’s better when you have a real layout to plan so it’s not as messy as this. Most of the time you can create grids with the existing div or p tags, but sometimes you may want to create a class (such as .group), so you can get more complex. My designs aren’t usually overly complex, so I normally just use divs to create basic grids.

    [CodePen Example]( “”)

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    @magnus_vb let me add my options here. It depends what kind of projects are you focusing on. Did you try Less pre-processor? If you are building micro-projects or prototypes, don’t hesitate to use it as it reduce the development time and a lot of hassle. For building MVP’s you can use it as part of Eskimo boilerplate,, allowing to quickly built up your desired project.

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    @spascan, this conversation ended eighteen months ago. Generally, it’s not a good idea to post in such old topics without a very, very good reason. It is doubtful that the OP is still preoccupied with this question. If you really have something worth saying, it’s probably a better idea to start a new discussion instead of bringing an old, finished thread back up to the surface.

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