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    Hey Everyone,

    I didn’t know where to ask this, so I figured I’d run it past y’all.

    I have a new potential client, and as a new-ish webdesigner, this will easily be my largest undertaking to date! I’m considering several CMS solutions for the job, and I’ve done some research, but I could use some suggestions on which direction to go. The CMS’s I’m looking at are WordPress, Drupal, Silverstripe, and MODx, but I’m open to any other options you my suggest.

    Some of the pages the client wants are standard and can be easily done with any CMS:
    About, Services, Testimonials, Videos, Contact, along with some other standard pages.

    However, they also want two portions of the site that I’m not sure how to tackle. One part is an E-Commerce store, which I’ve never dealt with before, but have looked into several solutions. The other part is an Online Personal Training section where new clients can pay for admittance and current clients can sign up for, where they can have customized workouts and diets shown for each client.

    If anyone has any advice or suggestions for me, I’d be eternally grateful! Thank you so much!


    Well you can go for any CMS you are comfortable with. I, personally would go for WordPress.

    As for the e-commerce solution, there are various plugins available for wordpress which enable a shopping cart.

    Finally, for the "Online Personal Training section", just do some research about sites like Nettuts or Chris Spooner’s blog. They have premium sections on their site which are only accessible after the reader has paid for the member ship.

    This process is quite similar to the one you require. Although, I would love to hear some more suggestions on this particular issue regarding the "Online Personal Training section".


    Thanks for the reply Sumeet.

    I forgot about spooner’s blog, I’ll have to get in touch with him about what he used to make the member’s only area. The only thing about it is that I’m going to need each member to have a unique page because each client will need a different workout/diet plan.
    That is the problem i’m running into with anything i’ve found in my search for the right solution.

    The search continues!


    Do let us know also once you get to know from Chris (Spooner) :)


    I’ve found several solutions for wordpress that allows me to privatize particular sections of the website for paying users, but have yet to find anything that will allow each user to have their own particular page once logged in.

    Does anyone know of anything that allows this in wordpress? Or any other cms in that case?

    Someone suggested to try WordPress Mu, but I don’t see how that would work for me. Has anyone used WP Mu to achieve this?


    Hmmm, so didn’t find any thing that would server your purpose eh? :) Ok no problem, you can take a look at this plugin … th-paypal/ It will fulfill your requirements and even provide you with more options 8-)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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