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    well my website is 60% percent done. its a portfolio website where you can contact me and see my work…
    but i may one day want to attach a wordpress blog so there is a blog link but its greyed out for now.

    so… where should I host this thing? I’m looking around and reviews all over get my head spinning.
    ipage is cheap but i hear bad things… blue host… dream host… some of these places are expensive….

    also where can i host pictures if i want to save space on my website?


    dropbox, tinypic, photobucket.


    thanks ill look into it.
    what about fat cow? i see they are having a deal and it ends soon..or do they do deals every day just to get you


    well, fatcow and ipage and bluehost are all the same company (endurance international). I hosted at Fatcow for a year (for that attractive amount that’s on showcase everyday of course), but do remember it’s only for the first year, the second year they wanted to charge me $100, so I switched.


    no… no… not another one of these threads.


    why have there been many of these threads… I’m sorry…
    so certified hosting seems to have its own panel but it looks ok…
    I’ve never hosted a website so I wouldn’t know…
    thats why I’m here…

    i don’t want to spend too much on my first website.
    if it works out well i will perhaps move to a better one… i first need money to afford something like media temple…
    to get money i need a website where you could reach me…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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