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    how do you ensure, that client which wants to update his web himself, does not ruin your work?

    do you allow them into code?
    can you force them not to touch code?

    I handed over neat web and what I see today?

    Some text plus link in stupid form HERE.

    I do not know
    * should include it in MY WORK
    * be just ashamed or link from my portfolio to my original version?


    If your client is properly trained and is given a CMS, super horrendous things really shouldn’t occur. They are going to do the wrong thing every now and then, yes, but they really shouldn’t be able to “ruin” the site.


    It has nothing to do with a contract – it’s their website, they can do whatever they want with it.


    Yeah, just have to accept it unfortunately.


    It doesn’t necessarily suck for you. They screw it up, you have to fix it, time = money.


    In that case I would have to agree with what was stated above.


    If you need to keep your web page in style for your portfolio, you can make a copy on your server with a little database, otherwise, make some screenshots…


    Definitely +1 to keeping a copy. I usually maintain the following:

    1. Copy of the site at launch date
    2. Updated version of the site post-launch (for any requested changes – updated only when a request is made)
    3. HTML Templates (pre-CMS integration)


    Oh I like the idea of the HTML templates (I have the test site templates so it’s probably the same thing). It probably is a good idea to load one on your site and then link to it.

    I had a similar problem recently where I made a shopping cart with a CMS, set all the body text to be Trebuchet MS looked nice and clean THEN the client went in and re-edited all the text to be Comic Sans! I kind of want to send them the Comic Sans criminal link ( It’s embarrassing if anyone goes to their site and thinks I did that but I guess like you guys all said using screenshots or link to an HTML page would probably work.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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