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    So, I started Web Development when I was around 13ish, sketching site wireframes on paper unintentionally, I guess I was kind of inspired after my brother talking about all the stuff he was doing during his computer science course at university and it gave me some form of aspiration to start developing my own sites and applications, it sounded fun so I went ahead with it.

    My first site was some tacky personal portfolio site which was covered in ribbons ( they were cool when I used them then ), I didn’t have my own official work to display back then so I just used random pictures and some sketches as “work”, which I hosted off a free hosting site and I spent the majority of my time trying to think of a name for the site more than the design aspect of it but I enjoyed the freedom of design and the element of ownership and “running my own site” was just something I enjoyed and has stayed with me throughout my life.

    As I started spending a lot more time it never really flourished till I came across sites like dribbble and codecademy that I finally realised, wow, I haven’t even scratched the surface of this web development stuff yet. Seeing examples of sites from well known designers such as Mike from creative mints and Kerem Suer which heavily influenced the way I started developing sites as I really enjoyed the cross platform design aspect as there was a growing market in responsive sites and gave a lot more freedom and choice in my designs.

    I’m still at that point in my life where I have a load of decisions and concentrating on my A-Levels and a focal point for a career decision, I’m hoping to keep Web Design/Development as a hobby, or if life takes me on that path hopefully take it into a career, I have worked on a variety of sites since my first wireframes. sites include designing my first commercial site for a company called Danum Hosting who were really kind to me and inspired me and gave me a lot of freedom which I enjoy in design and allowed me to get first-hand suggestions from any tickets that come in about the site allowing me to constantly maintain and improve the site based on customer reviews, which I love.

    Hopefully you guys are open about your stories about getting into a career or hobby in computing/web design/development as they could inspire people who read them in life-choices as it can be hard for people to find an aspiration or inspiration in these fields now-a-days, this community has been greatly influential on moving towards technology oriented fields of career for me, as the community within this field are so open-minded and friendly!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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