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    What’s your favorite FREE To-Do Mac app?

    I depend on my To-Do lists because I am a full time college student and part time freelancer. Unfortunately, I don’t have the extra money to buy The Hit List or Things, even though they are great. I tried the trials of both, and they are both over. I still am able to read Things, which is nice since I had all my assignments in there for the semester, but I am unable to add new ones.

    So… time to look for the best free one!

    P.S. I’ve used the iCal and Mail To-Do lists, but they weren’t quite powerful enough.

    EDIT: I’m not expecting a free app to have a corresponding calendar view, but why don’t paid apps like Things or The Hit List not have a calendar view to view all your To-Dos in a calendar? Am I the only one that thinks that would be useful? :(


    Don’t forget the milk!


    Do you mean Remember the Milk? And do they have a Mac app?

    Chris Coyier

    A text file.


    Yeah, I’ve used text files before. But, with college, I have things due like in the future, so it’s nice to have reminders and due dates.


    Has to-do built in, and works with iCal to give you reminders.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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