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    I actually don’t know, it’s nothing that I’m brought in on, at least, but yeah, I assume that it’s part of the stuff he does. We’re just splitting up the work.

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    hi, i’m no professionnal nor webdesigner.

    webdesigner comes from 2 words , right ?

    Designer (I expect with graphic skills not a carver)

    Web (not print !)

    So , to me, a webdesigner should be (some graphic artist, talented or professionnel I make a difference there , ideal is both !) that is able to propose a graphical concepts that can interact with Web specification.

    A webdesigner, then should have good knowledge of CSS and HTML , minds about standards, accessibility , intuitive layouts, what javascript can bring and do, etc …

    Of course, comes time where the webdesigner is able to devellops some script , slice his own grphics and play with jQuery , but isn’t a waste of time and skills if that comes part of the job ?

    Does develloppers needs to be web or graphic designer as well ? Basic knowledge helps for sure

    one and others have to work and speack together

    More things you do, less in those your an expert.

    please excuse my average and confused english.

    Just my point of view :)


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