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    Hi –

    After watching Chris’ videos I’ve decided to convert one of my sites to WordPress and apply a new CSS-based design. I have most of the home page layout worked out except the footer.

    I’m using the sticky footer, which seems to work fine, but the floating div blocks I have withing the footer are off a bit. The first two (Personal Insurance and Business Insurance) are lined up right, but the next two are nudged down about 35px — and they are all using the same class.

    Here’s the link:
    [removed] @cybershot. Thanks! I’ll check this out and turn the link back on if I don’t figure it out.

    My eyes are crossed. What am I missing? :shock:

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    I wouldn’t be suprised if it is a width problem. Try adding a different background color to the div’s so that you can have a visual of the blocks. Usually when this happens to me it is because the blocks don’t have enough room. Like the two on the left are to wide so they aren’t giving the ones on the right enough room. So check the math with the width and margins and make sure the footer is wide enough to handle all of it.

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