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    Hey folks.
    First of all, I just wanted to say that this forum/community is fantastic. You all are always willing to help regardless of the person’s skill level. I think that is awesome, and the main reason I’m a daily visitor. I learn something new every day. Ok, now on to my question.

    I am still a rookie in the web design/development world. I’m learning as much as I can everyday tackling HTML and CSS. I’m doing pretty well and getting a decent handle on things, but I have been trying to decide what the next step should be after CSS… PHP, JQuery, Javascript? Now, I know this question has been asked before, but I never really heard reasons or arguments as to why someone should choose one or the other. I was just curious what everyone thought on the matter.

    Thanks all!


    That’s tough. Personally, start with javascript then jQuery. But learn the basics of php along the way and really dive into it after you have a good understanding of javascript and jQuery.


    Hi @grindleydesigns and welcome to the forums =)

    My brother asked me the same question today and I recommended learning the basics of php first.

    I feel PHP is easiest to grasp. I started with jQuery and I didn’t understand fundamental things such as an if statement. I remember looking for a “jQuery if statement” – which doesn’t exist because this is a “javascript if statement”. So I missed a few steps due to starting off with jQuery. I finally grasped the concept of this once I saw it done in PHP.
    PHP and javascript have similar syntax as they are both C languages. The more you learn with one, the better you get with the other — for me at least;

    So I suggest starting off with PHP, however, I started off with jQuery — after watching this tutorial


    That does make sense. I come from a design background instead of programming, so I’ll be starting from the very basics to say the least! :) Switching gears at 33 years old is a little intimidating, but this is truly what I want to do so I’m willing to do what I have to… I just want to make sure I do it the right way.

    Thanks guys for the input.


    While we’re on the subject, does anyone have any suggestions on good learning resources for whichever they think is best to learn next? Remember I’m not from a programming background, so anything geared that way would be great. Thanks again.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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