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    Hello fellow CSS lovers , just finished a red-design of my site, check it out and let me know how u feel about it.


    Not bad, but keep in mind the fold! So much of your content is far below it and for no real good reason. Tighten all that space up and see what you can bring above the fold. Also, try and have that banner picture fade out, rather than just cut off…looks a bit 90’s style as it is. The site also feels just ‘off’ generally as far as alignment goes. I’d prefer a centered layout, but that means you’ll need to find something to do with that young lady off to the right, which, while kinda cool, isn’t really effective and seems more distracting than anything.

    On the coding end, you can easily do that navigation bar using sprites, rather than the now bloated javascript rollover method.

    Also, I noticed you are using the "meta keywords" tag….that hasn’t been supported by Google and other search engines for a long time now! Just remove it entirely, it’s completely useless and is just bloating the HTML.



    Very 90’s.
    Because of the black background and white text. Black backgrounds are very hard to get right. Unless you eliminate most of the rest of the other colours, it will stay looking very 90’s.

    Like has been said, there’s too much space in between the elements of the page. I would tighten the space between the footer and the sub-sections "Bridal Gowns, Bridesmaids, What’s New".

    There’s 5(?) different typefaces on the page? I’d keep that to a maximum of two. All of the text is in different sizes as well. Adding confusion to the page.

    And a red facebook logo? I thought that was a Flash logo the first time I went over the page. And because I was only skimming for information, as all users do, that’s what I recognised from the page. Brands can become unrecognisable if applied in the wrong way. I’d also shrink the button a bit too.

    I also don’t think the girl on the right or the leaves below her fit on the page.

    Sorry if this comes off harsh. But it’s best to say what I think. Even if you do disregard it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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