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    i’m making a site for my dad whos just became a professional sports photographer. he says he basically that he needs a site where he can upload images to and people can look at it. he always has like 40 new pics every week to upload and i’m currently in a different in an other country and will be kind of hard to show him how to do it in code so would wordpress or joomla be more suitable and user friendly or is there something i haven’t thought of?


    You could look at a CMS… CMSMadeSimple tends to be my favorite. It probably isn’t good for large corporate sites that will need more advanced features, but it is easy to use, both for the designer of the site and for the client. He could use the gallery system of that CMS to easily add images.

    Based on my experience, it sounds like Joomla may have more features and be more complicated to set up than necessary, and WordPress seems like it needs some hacks to be set up as a CMS, rather than as a blogging system. It is all personal preference… I am more familiar with CMSMadeSimple than Joomla/Wordpress. Perhaps if you know either of those systems thoroughly, it would be less difficult to set up.

    Otherwise, you could also look at a gallery script of some kind, along the lines of Plogger ( or zenphoto (


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    the problem is: where is he storing these images and where are they being viewed?

    i.e. football, sailing, squash, mountainbiking, skiing, etc

    so when he uploads the images where are these being viewed?

    does he need to explain anything about the images? like where he was, what the sport was, what camera and equipment he used?

    now keeping to wordpress, it is very simple program, and you don’t have to give him access to all the bells and whistles, but make him an editor, not an administrator, so he can’t bork wordpress.

    show him the background, it is easy enough.

    or as said make your own cms, and make a special page for your dad to enter the details he may need and a place to put his images.

    but you would need to sit down and talk to your dad about how he wants it to be viewed and how it is to work.

    Rob MacKay

    again the above guys are right :)

    Just a tip – next Gen Photo gallery for wordpress is awesome.


    word press seems like it could be the best option that plugin rob suggested would be very useful. i’m gonna sort it out so the home page has 4 links (sports photography, landscapes and random, articles published and 2008 photographs) and in the sports page i’m trying to have it set up so you click on a date or title and the images posted then will appear.

    not sure if wordpress allows it but i was thinking using jquery to have each date/title as a link so it will load a seperate html page up on the screen, similar to the .loadout thing chris did in one of his tutorials.

    Rob MacKay

    to be honest – you can pretty much do what ever you want with wordpress… jQuery works fine

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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