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    I have a dashboard screen on my website.
    The dashboard is divided into 4 areas: messages, information, warnings, errors.

    Each area will show a list of information comprised of a title, datetime, and a body of text.

    At first I considered going with a table for each, and then I thought maybe having each be a definition list where the title would be the ‘term’ and the body would be the ‘definition’. Not sure where I’d put the date on that – but whatever.

    I’m new to HTML 5 and I’d like to mark up this page in a semantically correct way and while that is obvious with an article, or documents, it really isn’t obvious to me with a dashboard. Any links to guidance would be appreciated.


    A definition list doesn’t feel semantic to me.

    What’s wrong with an actual ul…it doesn’t matter if the li are broken into 3 sections so I don’t see that as an issue?



    I think you may be correct there.
    Perhaps I’m over-thinking this issue.

    These are lists so, yeah, put them in a list.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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