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    When Chris gets around to making screencasts, let’s help him choose by suggesting things we wish to learn more about!

    I wish to see something on Sound Manager 2, although he’s already done embedding audio.

    Also I want to learn about Drupal and Joomla, although I’m pretty sure Chris is as clueless about them as I am, so that would be to no use.


    @Hompimpa What about colours? Exactly what is it you need to learn?

    @knittingfrenzy I’d rather Chris did screencasts on CSS issues rather than HTML/CMS/Audio although anything is nice. I’ve found decent courses on Drupal at…heck it’s how I’m learning it now.





    It’s ‘colours’ in Canada as well, but I’ve switched to using ‘colors’.

    But this thread is a good idea, I’m sure a little inspiration for Chris might help. What would I want to see… I’m not sure!


    I would like to see how to make HTML and CSS appear as the code, not the markup on a text page (like with the <pre><code></code></pre>

    Colours, Aluminium, Pyjamas, … we invented the language (we don’t pronounce the “u” actually).


    On the topic of ‘colours’, the biggest issue I have with CSS: spelling centre as center. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!

    We (British English speakers, I’m Australian) spell it aluminium, hence the pronunciation difference.

    Chris, please do a screencast on getting your site to the top of the Google rankings. I joke, I joke!

    Castle or castle? Tomato or tomato?


    But, Josh! Don’t forget about us Canadians!

    Except in Canadian English, there is no difference in meaning between center and centre. Center is the preferred spelling in American English, and centre is preferred outside North America. In Canadian English, centre is the noun meaning a gathering place, while center is (1) a noun meaning the middle, and (2) a verb meaning to place at the center.


    Haha, sorry Gray. Very interesting that you actually use both!


    I pronounce the u in colour but I think everyone does with noticing
    For some reason I always use center for middle and centre for the building (community centre), but clearly I’m just crazy

    Maybe we should move this to a new thread before Chris makes a screencast about the English language


    @Hompimpa If you are on Windows, hit start, then start typing (in the search input) ‘character map’. From there you can copy any character you like!


Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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