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    Hello guys Thanks for answer the question few days ago, well might be the title stupid question but for me as new at designer also developer been 1 year i don’t know how to start cause as long as develop projects i just learn how fast and easy understand create it !

    Here is my question if you have dummy png (Images from your boss or client want )

    1. How do you know the font itself without asking the designer who design dummy ? if you know the you know the kind of font and in google font exist no problem but how can the font is not exist ? <—sorry stupid question here

    based on experience i just pick up the font who look like in dummy without know what the right font !

    1. How do you maintanance the images become responsive ? <–sorry it this stupid question again,

    well based on my experice i just create media query let’s say like this

    Then i research website who support responsive and debug by using tools in chrome and inspect element images ieach screen has diffrent name and also diffrent width and height ?

    Thanks for paulie guide me and all members +1000 and huge

    is that right ways to create website responsive or my ways by using media query is very stupid or what ?


    hmm need to pay when we will use the font ! any another idea to detect what spesific font

    can you post sample code about make images become responsive ? just simple your media query to make me aware

    still need some one to disscuss, thanks for respond

    Freddy Sidauruk


    The font detection is free.

    Yes, some fonts require you to purchase a licence to use them but that’s a cost for you to pass on to your boss or client.

    As for “sample code about make images become responsive”.

    There are many, many tutorials you can find with a simple Google search or even a search on this site.


    Thanks uncle paulie, yes many tutorials will found in google i do know it, am i wrong to ask here ?

    cause answer by the experience is the best way for people new at design, so i research it by inspect element with website support responsive then every images has diffrent name but my case i use media query width % (Please take look my codepen even the images doesn’t show cause i don’t know how to get images in online)

    but the bad risk on my way by using media query sometime the images stretching even too small but it give me responsive, Thanks unlce paulie :D


    To get images online they must be hosted online somewhere. There are many free image hosting services (I use but there are many others).

    Or just use a dummy image from, they’re great.

    You shouldn’t need to use media queries to make images responsive.

    yes many tutorials will found in google i do know it, am i wrong to ask here ?

    Wrong, no of course not but it would be politer to search there first before coming here.

    If you update your codepen with dummay images I’d be happy to take a look.


    Thanks uncle paulie, i have updated the codepen ! sorry if my word hurt you, i doesn’t mean like that

    please take look the original size of images is width:400 also height:200 then in media query

    @media(min-width:992px){.header img {} //it give strecthing !

    my question is how i can keep the responsive itself without stretching or even too small, am i use my feeling when develope projects or is there any documentation about images by using media query ?

    ask :How can i write code in this comment using


    not give me a code


    yeah i knew that things Uncle Paulie but it doesn’t give me clear, you know why ? if i add up that class in my img it give stretching or too small based on what div wrap the images, so i use the % for making simple demo. last question ?

    1. except add up class img-responsive. how can i make the images little bite responsive ?
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