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    What software are you using when you are developping a web site ?

    I personally use the following :
    Notepad++ for all the xhtml / php / javascript / whatever,
    Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator for all the arts part,
    SmartFTP, so I can upload as soon as I am ready,
    and finally Winamp to keep me entertained !

    So, what about you :)?


    i use adobe cs 3 web premium (which contains photoshop, dw, flash, fireworks, illustrator etc) for doing xhtml / php / javascript / art and whatever

    Globalscape Cuteftp and filezilla for ftp thing.

    of course Firefox to browse and firebug, webdeveloper toolbar and some reaaly good addon with it.

    winamp to listen and bsplayer to watch video.



    – coda
    – transmit
    – cs3
    – aptana

    – cs3
    – totalcmd
    – aptana

    + all default debug tools, yslow, firebug, toolbar, script debug, memory leak detector, element inspectors, color inspectors, fancy bookmarklets


    Smultron : for all coding
    Mamp : for my localhost server on mac os x
    Cyberduck : for ftp
    Adobe Creative Suit CS3 : for design stuff


    Oh yeah, of course I forgot to mention:
    Firefox, Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 for testing purpose,
    Firebug add-on (javscript & ajax debug) and web developper add-on for firefox (mostly to skin my forum).


    PS, AI for design, Dreamweaver for coding and CuteFTP.

    IE 6, 7, Safari, Firefox and Opera for testing.

    Im trying to find an alternative to DW, something free and nice. Any sugestions? 8-)


    Well, I’m using Notepad++ myself, wich is free, light, and good.
    I’m sure there is some people that don’t like it, but it’s pretty much like Notepad, but with syntax coloration. And just in case you wonder, no you don’t have any contextual menu like in Dreamweaver (like you press tab and the rest of the code fill-in), it’s all about you typing it :p


    – jEdit
    – Cyberduck
    – Firefox (with Add-Ons of course), Safari & Opera
    IE NetRenderer
    – any PC available for further IE checking ;-)

    Chris Coyier

    I go over most of the software I use in this screencast:

    But in short, Adobe CS3 and Coda. I am on a Mac, and really like using TextMate when I can, so I’ve been thinking about switching over full-time to ExpanDrive, which mounts FTP connections like they are drives and you can work straight off them. I really like it, it’s just been a little buggy and hanging up the Finder and other applications sometimes. I think I’ll wait for the next point release.


    When I used Windows I coded in Programmer’s Notepad, due to it being lightweight. It’s pretty similar to Notepad++, I think. Design was done in CS2 (that’s what was out at the time) and I usually just used Windows Explorer for FTP, though I did have SmartFTP on hand for anything it couldn’t handle.

    Now, though, I use a Mac, and am proud to use Coda and Transmit for coding and FTP, respectively. I tend to no longer use Photoshop unless I need to make some kind of tiny background image, which hasn’t happened in a while. If you look at my blog (which is very likely not the most semantic thing on Earth) you’ll see that I am kind of a minimalist and don’t really care about fanciness.


    Yeah, my host was offering a kinda similar offer (web-storage right on your PC) but it was lagging a bit (after all, the data aren’t physically on the drive and need to be downloaded). But even tough it was slow, I was liking it because you don’t have to Open your FTP, upload, refresh page, test, repeat until done. You just modifiy, save, test.


    PSPad for my code mostly, although I also have CS3 lying around.


    My main tools are Notepad++, Firefox Addons: Fireftp, Firebug and Web Developer Toolbar. For quick picture edits SnagIT and for major edits or making new images Photoshop CS3. My career has been on Windows. I may have never used a Mac for anything. I’m deprived.


    e – texteditor, Webmaster’s Toolkit, firefox, safari, IE, FileZilla Client, Photoshop CS3


    mac: textwrangler, cs3, firefox incl. developer toolbar, cyberduck, parallels (although fusion seems to be the better option)

    pc: topstyle, cuteftp, for all the ie versions:


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 46 total)
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